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Voyage Elegante Hotels

Welcome to the Voyage Elegante Turkish Collection. Let your imagination run free and create your own Odyssey, by immersing yourself in our unparalleled selection of uber-chic, bijou hotels – on a journey punctuated by a private mini-cruise in your own yacht.

Imagine acquainting yourself with the exotic, safari style seclusion of Perdue Hotel. After a few sumptuous soirees, your private yacht whisks you away along the Lycian coast to Prima Donna, winner of the coveted 2019 Global Award for Most Romantic Luxury Villa, set amidst the sweet seclusion of fabled Patara Beach.

Alternatively, set sail for Nautical, festooned with stunning duplex villas enveloped in wrap around pools, and honeymoon suites with their own personal pools, designed just for you.

Next, slide into Meis Exclusive on the Kas Peninsula, a prestigious playground patterned with private plunge pools, and aptly named as you can gaze in wonder at the majesty of Greek Island Megisti… so close, it feels like you can touch it.

Meanwhile, over at the Doria Hotel, tiptoe silently down from your private pier straight into the sea. Once revitalised, sail across to Megisti or discover the ancient Sunken City of Kekova and its surrounding beaches on one of our exclusive two-night mini cruises.

To stretch your sea legs a little further, plot a course for Rhodes to stay at Melenos Lindos, one of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World – before flying back from Rhodes airport for ultimate convenience.

If it takes your fancy, you can combine any of the above adult-only hotels with Sabrina’s Haus, irresistibly isolated and accessible only by boat. Or why not spend a few nights at the Greek Island of Symi? Sabrina’s own 350HP, lightning fast boat is something straight out of a James Bond story… rest assured you’ll arrive in no time!

However, if you fancy the heady sights and sounds of Istanbul and want to let you mind wander free, step inside The Hazz, Istanbul’s quirky, anonymously located 18th Century mansion house. With just five rooms, it brings together Byzantine icons, Ottoman oil paintings and priceless Sultans’ seals, Indian-inspired marble chairs and antiques, all mixed with more modern objects under one unforgettable roof. The result is a cacophony of cultures vying for your attention. Only those in the know, know where to find it. Indeed, it’s so discreet, there’s not even a sign outside.

From The Hazz, you can also check in for a few nights at Bodrum’s stylish and trendy Maca Kizi hotel. Datca is also a short ferry ride away AND Sabrina’s Haus is close by too.

If your senses still aren’t sated, go even further off the grid and onto the mainland to spend a few nights at Sacred House in rugged, untamed Cappadocia. Experience an underground spa designed and named after Dante’s Inferno, carved with striking crimson tiles. Stimulate yourself in a library filled with first-edition books from literary luminaries including Shakespeare, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky. And unwind in rooms where cherubs look lovingly down on you.

Cappadocia is best appreciated from the air. Ride inside a hot air balloon and marvel at the bizarre, haunting landscape formations below.

Then, take to the air once more with a short flight along the North Aegean coast to Ida Blue, a nine-room, bijou hotel located in Mount Ida where Zeus and other gods observed the Trojan War. From picturesque Adatepe, a medieval village connected by crooked cobblestone alleys, you are ideally placed to explore the wonders of Troy, Assos and Pergamum. Alternatively, take a ferry from Ida Blue to the Greek island of Lesbos and enjoy exquisite seafood mezes.

And if you have children, don’t worry – we have not forgotten you. Hillside Beach Club is one of the top family resorts in the Mediterranean, ready to welcome you and your loved ones with open arms and the service excellence you expect.

At Voyage Elegante holidays, we can cater for your every desire. You can even stay in your very own medieval chateau – complete with personal chef, housekeeper and butler service. Of course, we offer the ‘classic’ holiday package styles, such as set durations of seven or fourteen nights. But where we truly excel – and prefer to assist – is in creating more bespoke, personalised experiences that will delight you every second you are with us…

Prepare yourself for the perfect combination of two or three of the very best adult-only boutique hotels in Turkey and beyond… connected by a two or three-night mini Odyssey all of your own, on one of our private yachts.

Ready for your next adventure with Royage Elegante Holidays?

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